Here for YOU.

We absolutely love what we do! That includes taking total care of our clients, by helping them achieve their personal style with their home. I work diligently to remove as much stress as I can from the process, and guide my clients through all of the unique nuances that tend to be an unexpected part of our journey together. I am committed to listening to my client's needs, and delivering real results. 



Our clients know that they can always get in touch with us. Communication is key, and knowing where we are in the process is crucial to feeling taken care of. 



Our team loves to have fun with our clients and truly get to know them. Being genuine is what we are all about, and my clients know they can always be themselves with us.



Honesty and trust work together to form the foundation of any successful relationship. We will always be willing to say the things that lead to the best outcomes, even when it's not easy.

Whether you've lived in your home two months, or ten years, sometimes your home just needs a little bit of a face lift. Looking around your home and trying to determine where to start can get overwhelming. That's where our team can help.


Personal style

Everyone has a personal style and sometimes finding that certain style can be difficult. That's where we come in! Some of our clients love the more traditional and neutral style while others have a more contemporary and glam pallet. With a personal consultation we get to determine what you are looking for in your home and from there we start creating your space. Our team works with the best vendors and manufacturers in helping you achieve that certain "look" for your home.


Determining your budget

Our team has both experience in New Construction, Remodels and Re-decorating. Our first step when helping to create your space is finding your budget. From there we will work with you to determine where you will get those most value for your dollar. We tailor your goal to work with your budget. Most people think hiring a designer is expensive. In reality it's actually the opposite. Hiring a designer will actually help you save money. How so? We've built relationships with manufacturers and vendors. We receive wholesale pricing on products and pass those savings on to you.


Working with a Designer

Everyone wants their home to look like a "model home." Let's be honest though, is that realistic when we incorporate your lifestyle into your home? You've already invested a lot of money into your home, and sometimes that home just needs your personality to shine through it. That's where a designer comes in. We get to know you and your lifestyle along with your personal style, then we get to bring that to life.


Make no mistake - designing a home can be an overwhelming process. Involved doesn't really even begin to describe the details that need to work together to ensure a stress-free experience. Luckily, you have our team, and we happen to LOVE those details. Let me take care of your visions from start to finish. 


Let's get started

Once we've determined your style, we can start with the schematic design phase. This is where the creative minds start flowing. Preliminary furniture, paint, decor and finishes are developed and presented to our clients. We will present you with different visions and we won't move forward until you are happy.  Nothing is set in stone, and we can play with different options. Once revisions are made and finalized, the digital construction starts. This is where we create the room virtually, incorporating all the finishes. During this phase all revisions should be finalized and products ordered. Every phase is documented, and signed by all parties involved. Documenting becomes a blueprint that instructs vendors how to proceed with your home.

Working with vendors & Overseeing the Process

We have a list of vendors we like to work with, however some clients have the ability to do the work themselves. We will help in overseeing the work being done in your home. This includes regular site meetings, tracking progress against timelines and managing any issues that arise during this process. Our team develops relationships with our vendors so that we can help ensure accuracy and pricing with the chosen vendors.




The "Wow" factor

Taking care of our clients is what we do. We absolutely love the expressions on our clients faces when we present the finished product. Speak with any designer and this is absolutely the best part of the job.

Before we conclude our time together we will walk through all the new goodies in your home. Different materials from your flooring to your window treatments require different levels of care. We review all of steps prior to closing the door.

We've Only Just Begun

While it may be my objective to help my clients fall in love with their home again, it is also our goal to create lasting relationships with each of them. You can count on us to continue being your go-to design experts from here on out.


Taking time.

Keeping up with where you are and what you're going through is what I love to do. Maintaining personal relationships with my clients helps me anticipate their needs and wants whenever they arise. 


knowing the steps.

As your guide, I will always be there to help in any situation. I've helped clients design kitchen and living spaces, and two years later I receive a phone call asking to come and design a nursery. I love those phone calls.


relationships that last.

I truly cherish relationships for life, not just during this transition.


Nicole Glavin

I found my love for real estate in 2002. After graduating from college I started working with new home builders helping buyers in designing their new home, and sellers in staging their homes. I started as an Administrative Assistant, working my way into Sales, and then years later working my way into a Brokers position at Windermere Real Estate. I'm very familiar with how design increases the value of your home and I know what it takes to get a home sold. I am so thrilled to announce the venture of Nicole Glavin Interiors, a Staging & Interior Design firm. I've partnered with some of the best designers, architects and vendors in the Pacific Northwest. My main goal is helping you find your homes personal style.

In my free time you can usually find me spending time with my husband and three children, or training for some crazy marathon that I'm getting ready to run. 


Call, Text or Email me any time: 

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